Dent Medic of Baton Rouge

Paintless Dent Removal Specialist

  • Hail Repair - We repair the hundreds of dents in your automobile caused by hail during severe weather.  (We have a Hail Team standing by to travel to any part of the United States.)
  •  Door Dings - When someone parks a car too close and opens the door against yours, causing those unsightly dents down the side of your auto, we can fix it!
  • Minor Dents - Shopping cart dents, baseball dents and small collision dents, yes, we can fix it!

Located at:  10330 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70815 

Ph:   (225) 926-8245           Email:  dentmedicbr@yahoo.com

Fax:(225) 349-8684             Web: www.dentmedicbr.com


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